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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeOct 12th 2017
    <p>as the process of carbonized wood, charcoal burning wood. Deep carbonized wood is also known as fully carbonized wood, homogeneous carbonized wood. Is 200 degrees after the high temperature carbonization technology to deal with the wood, because of its nutrient damage, so that it has a good anti-corrosion pest control function, because of its water-functional group of hemicellulose was reorganized, the product has good physical properties, depth </p>
    <p>Carbonized wood is a truly green product, although the product has anti-pest control performance, but does not contain any harmful substances, not only improve the life of the wood, and will not be used in the production process and the use of waste after treatment on the human body , Animals and the environment have any negative impact. Deep carbonized wood in Europe has nearly ten years of experience in the use of CCA wood is prohibited after the main </p>
    <p>replacement products. Deep carbonization preservative wood is widely used in wall panels, outdoor flooring, kitchen decoration, sauna decoration, furniture and many other aspects. But is not recommended for use in contact with water and soil. Second, the old elm furniture purchase method 1, the form to the United States, the shape of furniture, whether it is cumbersome or simple, it depends on whether it is resistant to see. 2, excellent material, the old elm </p>
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