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    • CommentTimeApr 17th 2016
    Storage and stacking step
    1, rather than wood, WPC specific gravity and good toughness is no wood, should be used with caution. When the lift with a similar volume of wood profiles, you may spend more effort and attention to split off.
    2, stored on site, must be placed on a flat surface.
    3, when the stacking sections, both ends of the joists should be sensational, two adjacent joists center distance of not more than 60 cm, the joists should be vertically aligned with the profiles.
    4, when the WPC outdoor stacked to the whole bundle packaging, stacked flat, sun prolonged sun exposure to prevent deformation.
    5, due to the friction coefficient is not high WPC hardwood floors, so when you can not carry in wood shipping plate to Mian damage the floor surface.
    Installation step
    1, under normal circumstances, when the WPC profile joists span of 30-50 cm (depending on the size of the profile).
    2, self-tapping screws durable, is to install the trust preferred profile of seven.
    3, the use of special screws during installation, you must pre-drilling. Pre-drilling diameter should be less than 3/4 the diameter 4, when the profile is greater than the width of 10mm, each end should be two screws.
    In some particular environment or abnormal load conditions - such as a hot bath - it may require a shorter distance during installation.
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