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    consumer commitment to accept the country's 1.3 billion consumer supervision, and strive to do the following: First, we in accordance with the State Administration of Quality Supervision on the 'national Mianjian products'can you use plastic molded deck on a porch application requirements, continue to seriously The implementation of the ISO9001 quality management system, from the perspective of consumers to check the quality of products, depending on the quality of life, and all mobilize, establish a \\ First,[url=]wood decking in malaysia movie[/url] strict control of quality management, management will benefit, and constantly improve the ' Everyone is responsible for, Cengcengbaguan 'responsibility system, so that the' strict five strict ':

    strict design, strict process operation,composite plastic wall studs strict quality control, strict control of raw materials, strict factory inspection. Third, establish a' 'Concept, and constantly adhere to the' Whale Sunshine Service 'system. Service is an extension of product quality, service is part of the value of the product, the most Limit to meet the needs of users and consumers, wholeheartedly for the consumer service, the service as a focus on the work. Fourth,[url=]diy wood decking singapore[/url] the market-oriented, while the quality control at the same time, continuous innovation. Product competition, when it is the technical competition, improve the technological content of products, enhance the competitiveness of

    enterprises in the competition to survive, and development. Fifth, to enhance the concept of the rule of law, according to the law of production and operation model.outdoor vinyl decking malaysia Strictly implement the 'Product Quality Law' and other relevant laws and regulations, and consciously maintain a fair and orderly market economic order, and resolutely fake and shoddy and unfair competition to fight. High quality to start from the small things, good quality to start from the fine,[url=]wood plastic composite plan investment[/url] so that the above five points is the Whirlpool floor in the days to enjoy the 'national Mianjian products' at the same time to do the honor of the most basic things, Whirlpool will not live up to the

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