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    • CommentTimeOct 16th 2017
    <p>installation of the fixed parts of the armrest position, elevation, slope positioning correction, pop-up handrail longitudinal center line. According to the design of the handrail, according to the bending position, angle, draw a bend or cut line. 4. Elbow preparation. 5. After the installation of wooden handrails, to all components of the connection to be carefully checked, wooden handrails to smooth smooth, easy to use small planing light; armrest bend if not smooth, the </p>
    <p>application of fine wood file File flat, find smooth polished, so that the angle line clear, appropriate angle, curved natural, consistent cross-section, and then sandpaper polished smooth. And then scraping putty complement color, and finally by design requirements paint. &amp; nbsp; &amp; nbsp; Conclusion: The above is Xiaobian introduced wooden handrail stairs how to install, hope to help you. To learn more decoration knowledge, welcome to continue to read the home </p>
    <p>decoration Raiders.Solid wood hood is in line with solid wood cabinets and health, is the best choice for solid wood cabinets the best electrical appliances. So how do solid wood hood? Followed by Xiaobian together to see it. A solid wood cabinets and pastoral style cabinets is nowadays the best choice of kitchen fashion, solid wood timeless, not only will not devalue with the passage of time, to some extent Because the wood is more and more precious and </p>
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