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    wood furniture is divided into three categories: pure solid wood furniture, solid wood furniture and solid wood veneer furniture. Only all the parts are made of solid wood furniture can be called pure solid wood furniture; solid wood furniture is also called wood furniture, that is, table, table (legs) legs and other frameworks using solid wood,

    and side panels, bottom, And other parts of the use of wood-based panels (MDF, particleboard and so belong to the wood-based panels) made of furniture; and solid wood veneer furniture is made of wood-based panel, the surface with solid wood veneer decorative furniture. In the market, there are businesses will board wood or solid

    wood veneer furniture to pretend pure solid wood furniture. So before the purchase, you must first ask the phase of solid wood furniture in the end is pure wood, or wood wood combination, or solid wood veneer, in the signing of the contract, we must be the main material and materials Clearly written in the contract. In fact, in order to

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