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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeApr 18th 2016

    Currently imported from abroad are basically solid wood floor multi-storey wood, hardwood that is the outermost layer, the inner layer is used in fast-growing wood, so that the whole floor made energy flooring over a patio concrete slab consumption is saving, and many domestic brands actually a single floor wood-based body. "Multilayer" greener Many imported wood floors have a wealth of product lines, zebra, retro, uneven tire profile, surface with paint and others have, Tang Zhihua said that these sales floor is not large, but some customers prefer to buy a special floor as a background pattern wall, and some engage in the arts like bold patterns on the floor, as well as museums, galleries prefer them.

    "Multi-layer" is more stable "Multi-layer wood flooring is also characterized by stable, more layers and more stable than solid wood flooring, it is not easily deformed." Tang Zhihua, pointing to a red-brown wood floors, said monomers, this monomer has solid rustic solid composite decking reviews wood flooring starts to deform, the end began a slight tilt, and next to the multi-layer solid wood flooring is still close to the desktop board body straight.

    But there are also different multi-storey solid wood flooring and quality, the reporter saw a "most unique" multi-layer solid wood flooring, sales personnel, first and third layers of the same hardwood, softwood middle, three block of wood according to wood Used In Indoor Discount Composite Deck Boards Export vertical - horizontal - vertical and arranged in a way, contain each other, better stability, and compared to other multi-layer solid wood flooring is thicker, repeatedly polished surface does not change the original color.

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