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    • CommentAuthorghdjiy
    • CommentTimeOct 23rd 2017
    iPhone/iPad/iPod has been a miniature computer in our daily life, with which we can enjoy our favorite videos and games, read latest news, navigate to the restaurant you have never been, etc. Unfortunately, one day when you open it you find it is in an abnormal operating mode to stop you using as usual like White Screen, Apple Logo, Recovery Mode, Black Screen, DFU Mode, Apps Crashing.

    How to repair iOS to normal if you encounter such kinds of issues on your iDevice? No worries. There will be two feasible ways to restore your device and turn to normal mode quickly.

    Method to fix ios system to normal for iphone:

    The problem may results from a hardware problem as well as a software problem. But don't worry, the software can help you. iOS System Recovery, the special recovery tool for iOS devices, can fix/repair ios system to normal on software problem and return it to normal.

    More info:

    Fix iOS System to Normal for iPhone/iPad after iOS 11 Update
    • CommentAuthorkklsy885
    • CommentTimeOct 24th 2017 edited
    iOS System Recovery is the world's 1st data and system recovery program for almost all iOS devices. With its help, you can easily to fix the abnormal iOS return to normal without losing data. So, you can one click to fix iOS system to normal for iPhone by using this tool.

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    • CommentAuthorelener1
    • CommentTimeDec 4th 2017
    You can use iTunes to fix iOS issue, but you will lost existing data, so you can try iOS recovery tool to fix it to normal without data loss.
    Solved iPhone Stuck in Recovery Mode
    how to get iPad out of recovery mode
    Incorrectly deleting files is a common problem that we often encounter when using mobile phones. Sometimes we realize that there is no backup file for our phone, so what's the methods for you to recover data, many iPhone users are confused. Now the iOS Data Recovery provide powerful features to extract the delete data, you can restore all deleted data without any backup.
    how to get iPad out of recovery mode
    how to get iPhone out of recovery mode
    solve iPhone stuck at apple logo screen
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