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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeApr 19th 2016

    MOR mainly reflected the ability of the floor itself against bending failure, the higher the static bending strength index value, its ability to resist bending failure of the stronger; the level of the detected value of the modulus of elasticity, toughness is good or bad floor reaction. interior and exterior plastics cladding standards canada National standards set forth, the average detection values ??

    MOR should not be less than 30MPa, the minimum should be not less than 24MPa; detected value of the modulus of elasticity of not less than 4000 MPa. roof top deck applications The comparative test 22 samples of wood flooring brand, has been tested and are in line with national standards. Found Dekor elastic modulus reached 7600 MPa, TOYO Toyo Found floor reached 7560 to make a deck from pvc 8, a good indicator to detect moisture, heat and cracking and other results.

    Parquet has good dimensional stability, it can be used for laying on floor heating systems. The comparative test also refer LY / T 1700-2007 wood fence panels delivered to my home so it does not appear the phenomenon of outsourcing. "to heating with wood floors" of 22 samples were tested for later geothermal properties, testing the heat-resistant dimensional stability, moisture resistance, dimensional stability and surface cracking 3 indicators.

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