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    • CommentAuthorlovesky
    • CommentTimeOct 30th 2017
    This is my personal top 5 favourite AFK money making methods.Look at guides on each of the money making methods for Runescape 2007 Gold are below.

    Top 5
    Cooking shark to make gp 180k-250k per hour. You need to buy raw fish,cook it (the afk part),sell cooked fish in GE.

    Top 4
    Cannon Balls,you can get 160k-190k gp per hour.

    Top 3
    Guthans+Gargoyles,Guthan's armour set worth 6819046 coins. You can earn 250k-350k drop per hour.

    Top 2
    Woodingcutting/Fishing, Fishing guide:68 fishing woodcutting Cuid:60 WC&75% Favour

    Top 1
    Range is highest method to make money. You can earn 500k-600k per hour.

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