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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeNov 10th 2017

    As for the effect of essential oils, flooring industry experts say that essential oils are used for wood antique, sculpture, mahogany furniture and other products. As a result of refining from the plant,easy to penetrate these solid wood products play a moisturizing, to prevent the role of chaos.

    But the use of wood on the floor whether the above effect? ​​Strengthen the floor is certainly not used to suppress the strengthening of the floor with essential oils, infiltration into the destruction of the internal structure, but adverse; and the market most of the solid wood flooring surface There is a thin layer of wear-resistant paint to protect the surface, the oil through the paint into the wood floor difficult,the oil can not penetrate the wood floor, and how to repair the role of minor cracks? We said that the essential oil contains a certain percentage of water About 5% -7%), and often in the deployment, but also a large number of mixed base oil, and ultimately the real essential oil content and moisture content may be similar.

    Therefore, when the wood flooring essential oil maintenance of wood flooring,if the following conditions: poor ventilation or indoor high humidity case, the oil inside the water contains the wood floor may be damp and the degree of deformation ranging from varying degrees.

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