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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeNov 10th 2017

    Floor wax is divided into natural wax, water-like wax, spray tank wax and solid wax four states. From the price of the floor wax, the most expensive natural wax,water-like wax, spray cans of wax, solid wax the cheapest. Natural wax purchase: paste, translucent, orange, high quality wax body transparent to beeswax-based raw materials, smell fragrance.

    Market price of more than 100 yuan. Consumers do not feel expensive, compared with buy solid wood flooring, it is nothing. Some businesses know that consumers do not understand the floor wax, shoddy. Floor experts teach you a way to identify, that is, the paste drops of wax in the palm of the hand,can quickly become a liquid, that is, natural wax.

    Natural wax good easy to dry, shiny good, with less, no pollution, film after the astringent moderate, mainly for the family of solid wood furniture and solid wood floor conservation. Industry experts recommend everyone in the usual wooden floor care, it is best to buy natural wax. Water-like wax optional: do not dilute, spray directly on the floor, until the dry (about 20 minutes) and then drag the plate can be polished. Features are relatively fast, pay attention to uniform when spraying, bright in general,with the floor after the slide. Due to the large amount, and not safe (surface slip), only suitable for daily cleaning.

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