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    • CommentTimeNov 10th 2017

    is, the lines in the mouth at the opening to open 30 or 45 angle, cross-section after the plastic mouth, mouth asked smooth, not dislocation; �� angle spells: the line on the 45 angle device, Fine saw saw off (to ensure that no margin of the edge), cross-section coated with glue on the fight, attention should not have dislocation and from the seam phenomenon. 3. Note: wood decorative lines of their own counterpart position, should be away from the human line of

    sight, should be placed in the indoor inconspicuous position. 2, the Roman column wood line construction precautions 1. not strict seizures, cutting angle are not allowed: to strengthen pre-installed pre-fight, flaws should be repaired when pre-installed. 2. rubbing uneven, improper: paste the face plate and the wooden line processing specifications are inconsistent, the installation of the operation on the rubbing are not allowed. In the installation of ingredients should

    be in the same place at the same place to choose the same specifications of the processed products, the operation should be aligned after the rub can be nailed. 3. The nail cap shall not be exposed. & nbsp; & nbsp; Conclusion: The above is a small series of Roman column wood line installation process and precautions, I hope to help you. Learn more about building materials, welcome to continue to focus on home decoration Raiders.The role of wood partition is

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