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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeNov 10th 2017

    WPC flooring is usually used from the entrance to the room to start laying the room or from one side of the wall to the other wall laying more favorable. shop in front of Wupu floor flooring to be paved composite plywood alternative floor to inspect and repair the ground. Although the WPC floor is waterproof, moisture-proof and mildew-proof, Senmao WPC recommends that residents living on the first floor understand the situation of the surface resurgence in the four seasons in detail. If resurgence is serious, be sure to smear a layer of waterproof asphalt or asphalt oil.

    in order to be able to shop the floor to be beautiful, before laying the WPC floor plastic decking for caravans prices we must do a good job planning and design of the central axis, the central axis is the laying of the floor of the baseline. Especially when several rooms in the same unit are laid at the same time, the planning and design of the central axis is more important. Specific practices can consult on-site master. the laying of the Wupu floor block to be carefully according to the quality of good or bad, the wpc decking flooring singapore dealer color of the depth of sorting.

    Good quality, consistent color, try to shop in the center of the house and conspicuous place, usually the master will be verbally informed. the beginning of the laying of WPC floor block must be laid very structured, stable, strong. Its starting point, whether it is Tongkou floor or flat floor to be glued solid. the laying of WPC floor block, the four fronts and four corners of each board must be parallel and vertical to each other, not a little error, because with the expansion of the laying area, the error also increases.

    Paving should pay special attention to its vertical and horizontal direction of the floorboard texture to avoid misleading caused by the aesthetic impact. Finished the installation, we should also pay attention to how to care for these floors in daily life, Senmao WPC floor to ensure that under normal use (regular cleaning, man-made damage), usually in five to ten years will not happen Qiao Alice, deformation, cracking, fading and composite fence panels hampshire other phenomena, but its service life can reach several decades.

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