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    • CommentTimeNov 10th 2017

    every home decoration network.The technical requirements of the wood line have two indicators: moisture content and formaldehyde emission. Xiaobian in this article mainly for everyone to introduce under the Roman column wood line installation process and precautions. (1) moisture content: solid wood lines, finger splice before the use of water content should be not less than 7%, and not more than the number of wood lines, China's regional balanced moisture

    content of wood-based panel before the use of water content should be consistent with the corresponding requirements of wood-based panel. (2) formaldehyde emission: the use of finger, wood-based panels and wood-plastic composite material for the substrate to be measured formaldehyde emission, the limit should not be greater than 1.5mg / L. 2. Installation and construction (1) wood decorative lines fixed: conditions permit, should be used as long as the

    adhesive fixed. If you want to nail, it is best to use nail gun, nail nail when not allowed to reveal the nail head. The nail should be on the side of the groove or the side of the back line of sight. For example: semi-circular wood line height of less than 1.6M, should be nailed to the line in the line line lower part of the height of more than 1.7M, should be nailed to the line in the middle line. (2) wood line stitching: You can use straight spell or horn spell. �� straight spell: that

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