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    • CommentTimeNov 11th 2017

    the role of spatial distinction and privacy protection. So, what kind of wood cut off the type of wood cut off the screen are mainly Chinese-style wooden screen, Japanese-style screen, fashion screen. Here to see the role of wood cut off the screen and classification of knowledge it 1, the role of the screen cut off the screen 1, the screen has the role of obstruction, such as living room with toilet rushed to bed, then you can put a screen to block the dirty gas, if the

    door to the door, you can also use the screen to block ; Home wealth just in the walkway above, can not possession of the wind together, this time in the corner put a screen, and then put a Lucky cat or Lucky tree and the like ... and so can help gather gas; screen there is the role of backing , Such as the seat did not rely on behind, this time put a screen can have to rely on. 2, the screen is the home of the guardian of the guard points you want to retain the wealth at

    home, the hall should pay attention to possession of the wind and gas, then the screen will help the home of the "possession of gas together." Color can be shipped, there is a color screen is to improve the financial feng shui a simple way. The use of the color of the screen to match the home of the five elements of the property can be prosperous wealth. 3, the screen has a flexible change in the physical properties can change the amount of gas in the house and the

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