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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeNov 11th 2017

    the woodworking project construction projects such as the production of wood products, soft furniture production and home improvement woodworking process in the trial, tools, materials approach, construction sequence planning, The construction of the construction platform, the design of the dragon skeleton, packaging and other content. Materials and tools need to prepare the materials: light steel keel, wood keel, gypsum board, carpentry board, paint-free

    board; woodworking need to prepare tools: cutting machine, hand drill, infrared, 3p air compressor, Saws. Second, the carpentry construction process 1, the first step is to look at the woodworking approach is to look at the design drawings, to understand the entire space to produce what specific wood products, according to the amount of wood products produced to calculate the overall use of materials The 2, tools, materials into the clean-up construction site,

    in the understanding of materials, woodworking tools and the required materials can approach. 3, the construction sequence planning Woodworking work by the contents of a lot, so the woodworking in the formal start before the carpenters because of its construction order to do a detailed plan. 4, the construction of the construction of the construction of woodworking platform for the cutting board and plate shape and smoothness of the treatment, if there are

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