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    Any minor or major corruption of MS Access database file can make access database file inaccessible. It means that access database file is corrupted and it is required a repair solution. If you want to fix all issues, corruptions, damages and recover the loss database file, you may use 3rd-party access recovery tool. I recommend one of best access file Recovery tool which can be downloaded here :-
    Microsoft Access files get corrupted due to the improper handling and system generated errors. So before starting to recover your files, you should take a backup of already corrupted data. This backup will help in case of any damage that may happen to the originally corrupted MS Access database file during the recovery process.

    Do hope it could help you:-
    • CommentAuthorjamesdean250
    • CommentTime6 05 2016 hatiye sererastkirin
    To recover .mdb or .accdb files of corrupted MS Access database, I would like to suggest Kernel for Access recovery software. This Access database recovery software is capable to deal all the issues related to corrupted MS Access file. To get help for operating the software easily, one can download the software from
    • CommentAuthorjohn8998
    • CommentTime14 06 2016
    MS Access file generally gets corrupted due to many reasons among which some are due to improper handling, unexpected system shutdown etc. But nothing to worry as you can easily repair the damaged or corrupted access database. With the help of MS Access repair tool, you can fix the corruption problem of access database and your data will be safe without losing.
    See more on:
    • CommentAuthorfranks114
    • CommentTime15 06 2016
    There can be lots of reasons for being an access database damaged or corrupted. However, corrupted or damaged access database can be repaired easily manually with compact and repair option. Or you can also try third party tool ‘Access File Repair Tool”. This tool will help you repair and recover your access database. Learn more at:
    There are lots of causes that will affect a healthy MDF file and make it damaged. However there is nothing to worry as ways are there to repair the damaged access database. It has inbuilt function of Compact and Repair program which can fix minor corruption but when it does not work then use of third party tool like MS Access Repair tool can help. It can repair the access database and recovers the damaged data without losing any original data.
    Get more on:
    To fix all corruption issues in ACCDB and MDB database files and saves all the deleted records and objects like indexes, queries, relations and tables, on new database are demo version of Recovery for Access is available for download.
    To fix MS Access database corruption and repair database file, I would like to suggest an easy and effective way. Apply manual methods to fix Access database, it is excellent and popular recovery options. It repairs both MDB or ACCDB database file effectively. You can also recover deleted database file by using this method. It is effective for MS Access 95/97/2000/XP/2003/2007/2010/2013.

    For more visit:
    • CommentAuthorevan700
    • CommentTime25 10 2016
    MS Access is widely used for it extraordinary features and user friendly interface. But this popular program is also prone to corruption like any other. Therefore it is always recommended to maintain proper back-up of your database so that it can aid you at the time of corruption or data loss. But to those who lacks back-up there is a third party tool ACCESS REPAIR AND RECOVERY that's highly competent to repair any corrupted MS Access database files.
    I would like to mention Access File Recovery software which can easily repairs and recovers corrupted access database files (MDB and ACCDB).See full details at:
    • CommentAuthorsana_ca
    • CommentTime24 11 2016
    If you're looking for a free solution to repair Access database file, I got 3 for you. And the good thing is that you don't need to spend money on them unlike paid software. They are free, easy and as effective as a professional solution. Microsoft Access has a built-in tool, known as Compact and Repair utility, to repair Access database. Also, Microsoft provides your JetComp.exe to fix corrupt Access database files. You can also try to import corrupt database into a new database file. I can share this blog post here in which you can find the complete information: Repair Access Database with Compact and Repair Utility | N. Sem's Blog

    You should only use Access database recovery software if the manual tricks fail or don't work for you. But first you must download free demo version to check the preview of recovered data. If you're satisfied with the results, you can purchase the software. I hope the shared information would be helpful here.

    Thanks and best regards.
    Download Access File Recovery Software is an intelligent solution to fix all corruption issues in ACCDB and MDB database files and saves all the deleted records and objects like indexes, queries, relations and tables, on new database.It also repairs corrupt MS Access (.MDB or .ACCDB) database file and then recover tables, queries, forms, macros, reports, etc.

    For more info:
    Would you like to know how to fix corrupt access database files which has .accdb and .mdb extension. If you've requirement to repair corrupt access database files and want to use smart solution that will short out this within few minutes then visit:
    Access file Repair utility to bring all the corrupt or inaccessible ACCDB and MDB files back and fix all the minor and major database bugs and errors This tool easily repair highly corrupted MDB and ACCDB files.
    Download this tool here:-
    I would like to suggest an advance and safer third-party access recovery tool that helps to repair corrupt or damaged access database file without any data loss. It repairs both MDB and ACCDB database file. It supports MS Access 2013/2010/2007/2003/XP/2000/97/95.
    Download it's Free Trail Version Demo:-
    Also take a look at this link it will show you the reasons behind the corruption of Access database and different method to repair the same:
    • CommentAuthoredwards142
    • CommentTime13 07 2017 hatiye sererastkirin
    Is your Access Database Files having extension .accdb and .mdb extension somehow get corrupted? If you've requirement to repair corrupt access database files and want to use smart solution. Fixes that will sort out such issues of corruption and make your Access database file back to life again within few minutes then check out the solution mentioned in this post:
    • CommentAuthorbeeri11
    • CommentTime22 07 2017
    The Access Data Repair software easily repairs and recover all access databases, even deleted records also. The software all repair all access tables, reports, queries, macro modules also. Read more and free download this software, click here
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