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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeNov 15th 2017

    laying within 48 hours, try to avoid walking on the floor or place heavy objects. And the summer sun is hot and spicy. Floor to minimize direct sunlight, so as to avoid excessive UV paint exposure, premature cracking and aging, it is recommended owners pull the curtains best. 2, diligent ventilation and pollution prevention Summer decoration pollution "high incidence period", home improvement shop floor in

    addition to try to choose environmentally friendly flooring, but also do a good job of ventilation and air purification room. To try to make the room more ventilation, or add air purifiers and so on. 3, pay attention to rainy summer more rainy days, pay attention to rain. Many people shop the floor, no one in the house, the windows open, so much so that the rain did not close the window in time for rain.

    Therefore, we must pay attention to the finish decoration is to open the window ventilation, but must pay attention to the finished product protection, especially in summer when it is raining to close the window in time to avoid rain caused by unnecessary damage to the floor. 4, to avoid being too dry Air conditioning with cooling effect, if the outlet is always against a place to blow, it is easy to cause the

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