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    • CommentTimeNov 15th 2017

    The most effective maintenance of solid wood flooring tips Solid wood flooring maintenance tips one: anti-fouling every six months, you can hit the floor once the floor wax. Before waxing, you should first decontamination dirt, and then with a clean, lint-free soft cloth dipped in wax, starting from the edge of the edge of the wood floor, followed by a circular rub Environmental Decking Cheap in the board surface. After wiping again evenly, use the original cloth (no longer dipped in wax) from the edge of the original wipe, according to the above program followed by wiping it again. Waxed floor, not only clean luster, a new look, but also play a protective film, delaying the role of aging.

    Solid wood flooring maintenance, we must focus on keeping the floor dry and clean, do not use water wet or scrub with alkali water, soap and water to avoid damaging the brightness of paint. In case of gray or dirty, wipe with a dry cloth. [Avoid repeatedly waxing, because the number of more than one, the wax on the wooden floor is not easy to absorb, resulting in accumulation, the effect will be bad, so once in six months. Solid wood flooring maintenance tips composite slat fencing material paint the use of three or five years, the original paint available floor of the same type of paint, the floor again paint again.

    In addition to dust before the paint decontamination, but also apply a little bit of water scrub paper, dipped in warm water, the surface polished gently over and over to the residual oil on it, and rubbed the last paint left small tablets. After polishing with a clean rag wipe clean, you can brush the paint. This paint after the floor, will be more smooth, more clean, more shiny.

    Solid wood floor maintenance tips 3: If the heat hit the water leakage, wooden floor water, must be promptly cleaned, can not be directly exposed to the sun or electric baking, so as not to dry too fast, the Black Vinyl Deck Railing floor cracking. Long-term use of solid wood flooring, should not be covered with plastic sheeting or newspapers, because over time, the film will be sticky, tarnished. At the same time avoid the hot water pot, hot rice cooker and other objects directly on the floor surface, so as not to burn the film. Solid wood flooring maintenance tips 4: Scrub In the daily cleaning, you can first use the vacuum cleaner to clean, then use a soft cloth dipped in a special detergent or soap thinner to clean. For large area cleaning, use a sprayer or rotary cleaner. For natural lacquered wood flooring, water does not do any good to it, when cleaning to minimize excess moisture, scrub wipes must be wringing. Oil wax wood floor to remove the black rubber wear marks and other can not be Affix a Privacy Fence to a Deck removed with water stains can be soft cloth dipped in low concentrations of alcohol or a little white wine removed.

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