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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeNov 15th 2017

    Wood floors tend to swell damp and swell in the rainy summer, but shrink easily in dry winters, causing the gaps to become larger and larger. The last article we talked about the renovation of the floor in the hollowing of the problem, today we say decoration wooden floor gap becomes larger problem. Paving the wooden floor gap becomes larger, in the end what is the cause of it? Wood moisture built in bench seat with back rest on deck content is too high, resulting in cracks in the larger wooden floor. When paving the wooden floor, the moisture content of the wooden floor can not be too high nor too low, the moisture content is too high, the moisture content of the wooden floor after paving, the wooden floor gap will appear bigger problem, the wooden floor moisture content is too low After the pavement is completed, there will composite fence planning be damp drums.

    Although the national standard wood floor moisture content of 8% -13%, but China's different regions of the natural climate is not the same, wet and humid southern, so the wooden floor moisture content of about 14% more appropriate, and the northern climate is dry, wood flooring Moisture content of about 12% is more appropriate. Renovation workers are not in place, leading to large gaps in the Patio Deck railing wooden floor.

    Renovation workers paving the wooden floor, the gap between the wooden floor to stay relatively large, after the encounter dry weather, wooden floor gap will become even greater. There is, damp wood flooring before paving, wood flooring shrinkage after the completion of a large gap, and the wood flooring is not painted in time after the completion of the paint, wooden floor by the sun, resulting in volatile wood floor moisture waterproof decking saskatoon canada Shrinkage, the gap becomes larger.

    The use of wood flooring, the long-term use of air conditioning in the house, doors and windows closed, reduced air humidity, resulting in dry shrinkage of wooden flooring, a big gap. When paving wood flooring, to do moisture protection. Especially in the bottom or lighting is not very good house, you can use moisture-proof membrane, moisture-proof paint, etc. to deal with moisture, so as not to damp wood flooring after the expansion of tilt. Before the wood floor paving but no paint brushing, to avoid the wood floor was long exposure to composite interior wall panels the sun, so as to avoid dry shrinkage wood floor gap larger.

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