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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeNov 16th 2017

    The market enters the callback stage with the appearance of the off-season demand, "looking at the supply side and looking at the demand side from the lows." In the course of the game of supply and demand, the first one showing the marginal change tends to provide the market direction. Next week, the Belt and Road International Summit will be held in Beijing. The three groups of high-level leaders will collectively give their voices their voice and support all-round support. As the summit approaches, the environment and infrastructure policies are expected to heat up. Where are the supply and demand?[url=]bobina de acero inoxidable - latido caliente[/url]

    In April, the output of steel dropped slightly while that of iron ore and port remained high. As of May 5, the stock of iron ore in major ports in the country reached 135 million tons, a substantial increase of 2.75 million tons from the previous week, setting a record new highs. The situation of oversupply has not changed. In the latter part of the year, due to the "Belt and Road Initiative" summit and the special inspections to ban "strip steel", the possibility of further growth in steel production is unlikely. There is still room for further downward trend in iron ore prices. Short-term costs may still drag on steel prices.[url=]precio de hoja de acero inoxidable de venta caliente[/url]

    Overall, the price of periodical steel and periodical steel fell one after another, exerting a certain pressure on the spot market. The prices of billet and iron ore in the upstream have shown a clear correction and the production cost has also not been able to support the stability of the market. Next week along with all the way to the summit forum, then the limited production scale will not be small, but has been speculation in advance overdraft, expecting a wave of soared early in the morning, is unlikely.[url=]welding neck flange reducing flange fitting SS 304...[/url]

    From a technical perspective, the daily chart K line has dropped below the average, KDJ Sicha down, MACD Hongzhu narrowed; weekly chart KDJ Guaitou down, MACD green column amplification. Taken together, the wave of the rally in the 3150 zone basically ended, the market outlook or continued decline in market, but taking into account Thursday's decline is too large, there is no lack of multi-party counterattack next week week may be.[url=]hairline 410 stainless steel sheet[/url]

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