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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeNov 16th 2017

    Teflon film is widely used in medical materials, such as surgical gowns, surgical towel, protective clothing, disinfection equipment package materials, artificial organs etc.. In addition to the protective effect, surgical clothes should also have breathability and moisture permeability, which can ensure that the medical staff are not infected by blood infection of the infected patients during the operation, and also make the wearer feel comfortable. There are different degrees of resistance and permeability of the surgical service, such as the main parts of the body (abdomen to the chest, wrist to elbow) double fabric laminated composite with teflon film gowns, surgical gowns and film laminated gowns. Data show that in the 500 operation service test found in the blood, anti permeability, single-layer spunlaced nonwoven surgical gown blood infiltration infection rate was 9%, the enhanced nonwoven surgical gown blood infiltration infection rate was 5%, and the operation service only for composite film 2%. The wearing comfort, because the operation of Teflon thin film composite service air and moisture permeability are better, thus wearing the same comfort.

    Protective clothing can protect medical personnel, disinfection personnel, cleaning personnel from virus infections such as SARS through air droplets. At present, the PTFE film processed into network shaped and asymmetric microporous, microporous range between 0.1~0.3 m, microporous membrane by mechanical interception, interception, interception and adsorption bridging internal retention effect, with SARS virus carrier (such as droplets, Feixu or dust) trapped in the surface film and internal. The Teflon composite membrane laminated fabric protective clothing to an important role for the control of SARS virus spread and proliferation as soon as possible. Its comprehensive protection performance meets and exceeds the national standard GB19082-2003 requirements, the protection efficiency is greater than 95%, soaking amount is above 8000g/m2*d, wearing comfortable.

    Surgical towel is a medical material that prevents blood and body fluid from flowing back to the wound and causes infection during operation. It is a sterile film with a central opening, which is adhered to the skin of the surgical site, and the doctor carries out the operation at its opening site. High permeability in the PTFE film, it will not cause infection and can not make a paste, paste the film area together with skin from moisture. The same as the teflon film dressing for intravenous injection site, it can also reduce the wound bacterial infection, and for a long time with dressing parts will not be fluid immersion. The membrane dressings and dressings for moisture permeable fabrics may cause wound infections due to bacterial infection such as external wounds and surgical wounds due to fluid loss.

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