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    • CommentTimeNov 16th 2017

    cover the aluminum film should ensure the quality. High-quality aluminum film is not easy to tear by hand, and low-quality aluminum hand rub easily broken. 4, it is not recommended to take the adhesive method pavement Flooring paving methods commonly used methods such as laying the keel laying method, floating laying method and the adhesive method, then the summer is not recommended to adopt the

    adhesive method. Because the summer is more humid, while the glue is mostly water-based, easily lead to the damp floor deformation. 5, the summer floor should be close to some of the joints Shop floor pavement with special attention to the size of the joints, the floor gap is too large or too small will affect the pavement effect. Summer hot season, the gap should be more closely than in the past, in order to

    avoid the temperature decreases when the gap becomes larger and affect the appearance. Part3: Effective protection to make the summer floor more durable Summer flooring, due to the weather is more complex, if not protected, it is prone to many problems. Therefore, all kinds of knowledge of summer floor protection, owners need to find out. 1, after the laying of the sun to reduce sun exposure floor

    warping of composite decking

    thickest pvc decking india

    non slip wpc diy patio floor

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