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    • CommentTimeNov 16th 2017

    the rainy season in the south, so before the floor pavement must measure the moisture content of the ground. Ordinary surface water content required <20% of standards, flooring requirements for geothermal applications <10%. If the home floor does not meet the above pavement standards, do not rush to go on the floor pavement, or the floor is easy to absorb water swelling, causing the floor arch, drum, sound

    and other issues. Therefore, if the ground moisture content exceeds the standard value, dehumidification should be carried out first. 2, pavement before the ground to do a good job Whether it is paving solid wood flooring or composite wood flooring, pavement before the first to deal with the indoor ground, first clean the ground cement to remove the surface of the oil or dust sand , In order to ensure the

    formation of the ground and clean. Choose to play the keel laying method, the keel need to ensure that the moisture content is not too high. 3, choose high-quality mats moisture-proof floor paving, in order to ensure moisture-proof effect, the ground must be waterproof and moisture-proof treatment, especially near the kitchen and toilet space. The method of using the suspended laying of moisture-proof mats to

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