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    • CommentTimeNov 16th 2017

    temperature is too high, the air is too dry, the floor easily deformed. And the high temperature also affects the working conditions of workers, it is best to avoid construction in such a climate. 24 hours a day, try to avoid the noon and evening construction, it is best to re-construction after 2 pm. 2, to avoid the rainy days of summer rainfall, often even the rainy day. Some floors in the shop after the damp swelling

    appeared from the drum. This is mostly related to the environment around the floor, especially the inflated floor or the floor. Therefore, the summer is best not to rain the weather paving the floor, if you really catch the rainy day paving the floor, the installation must allow workers to pay attention to the convergence of the floor and the expansion joints reserved. 3, store the floor for two days before the summer air

    humidity, wood floor in the process of transport or storage, easily damp. Therefore, it is best to put these floors in the dry and dark place indoors before paving the floor. Storage for 1 to 2 days, so that the wooden floor water content and indoor water balance, adapt to the environment, in order to facilitate installation. 4, floor storage Note that the safety of fire and high temperatures in summer, dry climate,

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