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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeNov 16th 2017

    Main imitation solid wood flooring Kanban heart: Imitation solid wood flooring complies with environmental standards, the main Kanban heart. Imitation solid wood floor slab heart If it is brown, then the system board material is likely to have not been washed, bleached, antibacterial and other environmental protection processes or handling is not good, did not meet environmental standards, it may be plate material added a large number of trees Skin, twigs and other impurities material.

    Determine the hardness of the wooden floor to see the cutting mouth: to judge the standard imitation solid wood flooring quality standards also include surface hardness and floor hardness. In general, imitation wood laminate flooring will be marked on the back of the floor or packaging aluminum content, if the content exceeds 42g, then the floor to meet the national standard. In addition, the hardness of the floor can be judged by observing the cutting mouth, if the cutting mouth some black coke, it proves that the floor is very high hardness.

    After 2006, U-groove flooring became popular. U-groove floor edge and the surface has a protective layer of aluminum oxide, more rugged wear, plus almost no obvious interface between cracks. U-groove floor assembly process is very simple, but also facilitate routine care and eliminate the risk of environmental problems due to the selection of inferior glue.

    "4 х 8 композитных настилов производителей,окна в Шри-Ланке,mejor compuesto decking precio especial"
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