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    • CommentTimeNov 16th 2017

    more materials stacked on the construction site, wooden flooring and other materials as far as possible in the shade, and with electrical appliances, tools to maintain a distance. To avoid the air is not flow, the temperature is too high and cause a fire burning. 5, concerned about the floor moisture content and environmental protection Select the summer pavement floor, but also pay special attention to the moisture

    content of the floor and environmental protection. More rain in summer, the air is humid, the floor moisture content is generally not better than 12%. In addition, due to the summer high temperature, high temperature, floors and other pollution release will be much more serious than in other seasons, so if you choose the less environmentally friendly products, the floor after paving, it will release a very strong

    pungent odor. Part2: Summer Floor Covering Considerations Remembering the impact of summer weather changes on floor coverings, you can take steps to sidestep the negative effects. In paving time, but also through special attention to do the following to ensure the quality of the floor pavement. 1, pay attention to check the moisture content of the ground before the summer Summer air humidity, especially in

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