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    • CommentTimeNov 17th 2017

    Bamboo flooring wear-resistant rotation of turn on qualified products. The main factor that determines the level of abrasion resistance is the amount of abrasion resistant primer applied. Here refers to the number of rotations of the paint film worn, although most of the bamboo floor wear resistance is less than up to thousands of turn of the laminate flooring, but still black stain wpc panel wholesale South Africa better than solid wood flooring. Formaldehyde release amount to see the material available hand and eye, if the floor in your hand lighter, indicating the use of tender bamboo; if the eye of its blurred texture, indicating that the bamboo is not fresh than the old bamboo.

    Authentic bamboo than other bamboo fibers hard and dense, compressive and flexural strength, wear-resistant, not easy to absorb moisture, high density, good toughness, scalability. Look at the structure of the floor from both ends of the bamboo floor to see whether the symmetrical balance of the floor structure, the floor interlocking decking blocks layer and the layer of glue is close, with both hands breaking, whether there will be stratification.

    Can be random sampling, the method is arbitrary take more than one floor, placed on the flat surface tenon, slot after splitting, if consistent with the structure is stable. Look at the color concept of the floor color: natural floor color golden yellow, whole body translucent; carbonized bamboo flooring is bronze or brown, uniform color and gloss. In addition to the antique flooring, the bamboo flooring should be uniform in hue, allowing a slight chromatic aberration that wood plastic deck skirting does not affect the decorative effect.

    See whether the paint surface six leaching paint Bamboo flooring is a green natural products, the surface with pores, due to the existence of the probability of moisture absorption caused by deformation, it must be around and at the end of the surface all the paint. The floor placed on the benefits of light, see its surface with or without air bubbles, pitting, orange peel phenomenon, look at its rich, full, smooth. Look at the age bamboo bamboo is not the bigger the better. The best bamboo age should be 4-6 years, 4 years old is too small no timber, bamboo is philippines paver tiles for sale too tender; aged 9 years old bamboo skin is too thick, brittle is not good to use. Too tender, too old will affect the stability of bamboo flooring.

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