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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeNov 17th 2017

    As a more environmentally friendly material, bamboo began to appear in many aspects of modern decoration, we are all familiar with a variety of bamboo furniture. Attempts have also been made to composite horse fencing make the floor, and since bamboo flooring is also a relatively new product, most consumers are not quite sure about it. Bamboo flooring, also known as bamboo flooring, is a composite of bamboo and wood products.

    Bamboo flooring from the panel, the core and the floor of the three-tier structure, the use of the panel and the floor is bamboo, the core is made of wood processing. It has the pros and cons of cedar wood following advantages: First of all, because bamboo flooring is the surface of the bamboo used, we all know that bamboo gives a natural fresh visual impression, so the appearance of bamboo flooring can show a fine, smooth texture, leaving people Green

    healthy psychological feelings; in order to solve the problem of low headroom, is not conducive to the laying of keel, bamboo flooring design Shuangkengkou bamboo Wilmington Nc Average Cost of a Deck per Square Foot flooring, including E-type and F-type two, so you do not need keel, direct pavement Floor; solid wood flooring is a more obvious drawback is the moisture content of wood. In this regard, bamboo flooring has been improved, are based on the climate characteristics of different parts of the targeted production, improve the control of the floor moisture content, reduce the climate change caused by the possibility of floor deformation and improve the stability of bamboo flooring .

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