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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeNov 17th 2017

    Bamboo flooring can be divided according to the surface structure of the radial bamboo flooring - side bamboo flooring and chord bamboo flooring surface - flat bamboo floor two categories. By bamboo flooring wood bench and planter processing methods can be divided into natural bamboo flooring and carbonized bamboo flooring. Natural bamboo flooring to maintain the original color of bamboo, and carbonized bamboo flooring bamboo to be carbonized under high temperature and pressure to make the color of bamboo deepen, and the uniform color of the bamboo.

    Bamboo flooring processing technology and the traditional bamboo products is different, it is the use of how to build an outdoor dance floor bamboo in the upper, the bamboo flooring strict selection, timber, bleaching, curing, dehydration, pest control, anti-corrosion and other processes after processing. And then by high temperature, high pressure thermosetting veneer into. Relative solid wood floor.

    It has its advantages and disadvantages, bamboo flooring wear, pressure, moisture, fire, its physical properties superior to solid veranda composite railing system wood flooring, tensile strength higher than the solid wood flooring and shrinkage lower than solid wood flooring, so after laying no cracking, Not distort, not deformed arch.

    However, the high strength of bamboo flooring, high hardness, feel better wood flooring comfortable, there is no appearance of solid wood floor rich and varied. Its appearance is natural bamboo texture, beautiful color, conform to the mentality of people back to nature, which is better outdoor furniture Project Case In India than laminate flooring. So the price is also between solid wood flooring and laminate flooring.

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