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    • CommentTimeNov 17th 2017

    What are the advantages and disadvantages wood flooring classification Wood flooring, as a large area of ​​the family pavement of the basic building materials, decides the main style of home decoration, so the floor Wood Plastic Composite Wall Cladding in India selection must be careful. Now the market a lot of floor classification, the face of a wide range of markets, different prices of various types of floor products, how to choose a desirable floor it?

    Wood flooring species classification method sub-categories: solid wood flooring, engineered flooring (three / multi-layer), laminate flooring, bamboo flooring, cork flooring surface finishing: no finishing floor, decorated with oil floor, floor paint finishes (gloss / matte) Surface morphology: flat floor, antique floor (sandblasting / hand scraping / embossing) wood plastic composite roofing Shape: strip floor, parquet floor (pure solid wood / wood composite / reinforced composite), Rubik's cube floor

    Mortise, Locking Floor Slotting Process: U-Groove Floor, V-Groove Floor Color: Dark Flooring, Light Flooring, Color Flooring Parquet Parquet is made by cutting high-quality solid wood sawn into surface panels , The core board and the sole plate, and then three kinds of single longitudinal, horizontal, vertical three-dimensional arrangement, with glue paste up and pressed into high temperature board, sub-three-layer parquet and multi-layer parquet two The species is the mainstream of geothermal use of the floor. Multi-layer parquet: Multi-layer plywood as the substrate, the surface of the hardwood mosaic panels or decorative wood fences Sliced ​​veneer, made of glue hot.

    Three-story parquet: the floor structure is like "sandwich", the surface is high-quality luxury wood chips, the middle and bottom of fast-growing timber, with glue hot pressing. [The difference between multi-layer and three-layer wood flooring Advantages: beautiful grain texture, comfortable foot feeling, good dimensional stability, heat resistance, impact resistance, mildew, moth proof, easy to lay and maintenance, affordable. Disadvantages: glue paste, such as poor bonding quality will appear the phenomenon of degumming, formaldehyde emission higher eastern cedar decking cost than solid wood flooring; Feeling slightly harder than solid wood flooring.

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