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    • CommentTimeNov 20th 2017

    Bamboo flooring is the use of adhesive to splicing bamboo, and applied to high temperature and pressure from the floor. , According to the way of processing can be divided into two kinds of natural bamboo flooring and carbonized bamboo flooring. Natural bamboo flooring to maintain the original color of bamboo, carbonized bamboo flooring bamboo after high temperature how much for casting of decking in nigeria and pressure carbonization, bamboo color deepen, the color of bamboo uniform. Bamboo flooring and good thermal conductivity, can also be used for geothermal heating. Advantages: natural cool; fresh and elegant style, decorative effect is good; minor color difference; winter warm in summer and cool; environmental pollution; moth, mold. Disadvantages: handling or pavement is not easy to deformation, will change with the weather changes in humidity.

    Selection method: to see whether the bamboo is too dark, the surface with or without glue (a straight line with a smooth and straight); see if there is no cracks around; to see whether the back of bamboo bamboo yellow remaining, is clean and tidy. Maintenance: Northern heating, indoor to increase the humidity. Rainy composite decking fastening system season in the south, to open the window ventilation, to keep the interior dry; to avoid the impact of hard objects, sharp cutlery, metal friction. Furniture should be handled with care when moving, so as not to damage the surface of bamboo flooring; proper cleaning and care; regular waxing.

    Stability: refers to the same humidity or temperature changes, the same specifications but different types of wood sheet expansion, expansion of wood species larger than the relatively small expansion of the stability of wood species will be worse. Wear and durability: Wear and WPC Outdoor decking Wood durability are two issues. Wear resistance is only an important but not the only indicator of the performance of a laminate flooring.

    Whether the floor is durable mainly depends on his impact resistance, scratch resistance, absorbent thickness expansion rate, the floor of the combination of strength, resistance to pollution, anti-cigarette hot and other indicators. Moisture-proof: Moisture-proof flooring to see the key moisture content and wood species. According to national regulations, the floor moisture content of 8% to 12% for the qualified, should be higher in the south, lower in the north; different species of different materials, the ability to absorb or release water; laying should be good black composite boards moisture treatment, Sunny day laying, the ground level.

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