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    • CommentTimeNov 20th 2017

    number of criteria to choose a clear way to buy Solid wood flooring, there are many rigid standards, consumers buy solid wood flooring before you need to understand its product features and various indicators, it also helps to further product selection. 1, a clear solid wood floor size The market is now generally divided into three solid wood flooring size, the smaller the size of solid wood flooring, the

    stronger its ability to resist deformation, so in general, choose the size of less than 600mmx75mmx18mm floor the most reasonable, its In addition, the general floor should have a corresponding anti-deformation groove on the back, should be carefully checked at the time of purchase. 2, to understand the product wear resistance and hardness Floor as a home decoration materials, the floor wear is very

    large, so when buying, we need to pay attention to buy a good wear resistance and hardness of the product, in general , The floor is to determine the proportion of its hardness, while the hardness of the floor is generally better wear resistance. 3, to understand the moisture content of products Solid wood flooring as a natural wood drying direct use of materials, so the moisture content of a direct impact on

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