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    • CommentTimeNov 20th 2017

    are open tongue and groove, and the back are generally resistant to deformation groove. 2, according to the processing method classification According to the processing method to classify can be divided into parquet floor and vertical wood floor two parquet floor is composed of many small pieces of the floor in accordance with a certain pattern to splicing while the vertical wood floor is To cross-section of

    wood into the layout into four, hexagonal to processed. 3, according to the classification of wood materials The average consumer in the purchase of solid wood flooring is the most important is based on the material of the floor to its classification, light-colored solid wood floor fresh and elegant temperament, warm warm bright, and dark Department of noble Dignified, the average family to teak, oak and other

    materials are more common. Part2: floor to buy more To help understand the selection of good materials First of all, the floor need to pay close attention to "observe, look at" the word, more observation to see details, good floor wood from texture to color, etc. will have a good presentation, People naturally fresh visual experience, below, with the editor to see how to master the floor selection of "observation,

    composite external wall panels fireproof

    fence product characteristic

    papan dek komposit borong

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