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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeNov 20th 2017

    This laminate flooring colors and plates can be synchronized, texture and solid wood do not see much difference. Some can also make special patterns such as stone patterns. "Is not only healthy and outdoor floor tiles sydney environmentally friendly formaldehyde-free solid wood floor?" Solid wood flooring is indeed lower than the formaldehyde release of parquet and reinforced flooring, but also formaldehyde. Not that as long as stained with "solid wood" "natural" is environmentally friendly, because the solid wood is not directly cut the wood can do the floor, but also to do all kinds of processing.

    Any building materials within theoutdoor stair landing code scope of the national indoor environmental requirements, are healthy, harmless to the human body. And laminate flooring can also pursue the ultimate environmental level, the price is higher. "Can a solid wood floor do not hit the keel?" The feel of solid wood feet is largely due to the keel, not the material itself.

    From the installation, it is best to hit the keel real wood flooring, and installation of low cost wpc floor thailand wood compared to test the skills of playing the keel, there is a saying in the industry, "third floor, seven installation", the final installation is almost 60mm thickness, Now there are manufacturers claim that no keel laying, with a reinforced floor lock, in fact, solid wood, the lock does not fly. Not to mention part of the hardwood can not be grooved, the stress of the lock is far less than the stress of the deformation of the wood, not for the discontinued vinyl floor tiles for sale sake of convenience or unscrupulous merchants deceitful rhetoric.

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