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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeNov 21st 2017

    Because it is soft, transportation and packaging is relatively simple, generally the amount of good ground laying the size of the direct large cropped, the field can be laid directly, without cement mortar and 8x8 pressure treated piling price other accessories, a roll of double-sided adhesive to get. Some thick PVC floor feel comfortable, cushioning shock absorption, sound insulation, suitable for places that require quiet office. Generally refers to the floor made of oak bark, the advantage is better elasticity, comfortable feet, sound-absorbing sound, the disadvantage is a single color, maintenance trouble, the higher the price, and the market is not mature.

    Mainly used for white marine vinyl flooring with black stripes outdoor and outdoor balcony. Advantages of moisture-resistant light, easy to maintain. The disadvantage is containing chemicals, and gloss is not good. The easiest is to look at the price, according to budget choices.

    Most families simply from the practicality, ease of maintenance or recommended composite laminate flooring. For families with warm floor in the north, the installation of solid wood will have to face the warp deformation. It is recommended to laminate the floor with good abrasion resistance, stable and not wood plastic composite suppliers in qatar easy to deform, fire-retardant, impact-resistant and the installation is very convenient and maintenance-free. From the perspective of appearance, recommended parquet, and high-end laminate flooring. This laminate flooring colors and plates can be synchronized, texture and solid wood do not see much difference. Some can also make special patterns such as stone patterns.

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