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    • CommentTimeNov 21st 2017

    In China, the concentration in the steel industry is obviously low. The market concentration of large-scale mills with a capacity larger than 30 million tons has long been below 30%. In addition to the stable state-owned steel enterprises, there are a large number of small and medium-sized private steel mills in the market, The financial strength among enterprises, channel resources and technical level vary greatly.Aisi 309 Alambre De Soldadura De Acero Inoxidable

    In terms of profitability, because of the typical economies of scale in the steel industry, larger enterprises often have an absolute advantage in the competition in the existing markets. Large steel enterprises mainly produce products with high demand, high technical difficulty and high profitability. They also have strong channel integration ability both upstream and downstream, and can obtain more stable earnings with profitability above the industry average.acabado espejo soldadura tubo de acero inoxidable 316 precisiĆ³n

    In particular, some strong steel enterprises through continuous technological innovation and breakthroughs in some varieties of steel to achieve a monopoly, such as Baosteel accounted for 60% of the first-line brand car plate market share. In contrast, the mechanism of private steel mills is flexible, the cost control ability is strong, and the burden of the enterprises is becoming more and more difficult to reflect. Especially in the case that the price fluctuation of the upstream cost continues to increase, cost control is more difficult.Welded Application Affordable Price stainless steel laminate sheet

    In terms of downstream sales channels, small and medium-sized enterprises are limited in terms of market demand due to the single product variety and limited equipment, technology and other aspects, targeting more segments with less demand or providing intermediate products to other steel mills. Good response to market risk.ANSI galvanized iron pipe hot dipped galvanized st...

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