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    • CommentTimeNov 21st 2017

    flooring health, with natural texture, and feel comfortable feet, is loved by the vast number of consumers a kind of floor decoration materials. However, the current varieties of solid wood flooring market varies greatly, consumers are difficult to accurately select the quality of solid wood flooring. The following small series to teach you some of the purchase of solid wood floor Raiders, to help you choose to

    high-quality home floor. Part1: Understand the common classification of solid wood flooring Solid wood flooring is the natural wood drying, processing and made of its natural and soft material, warm in winter and cool in summer, has been well received by consumers, while the market of solid wood flooring The hardness, color and texture have great differences, a wide range, but in general can be classified

    according to the following methods. 1, according to the processing profile classification According to the processing of different shapes, solid wood flooring can be broadly divided into two kinds of flat floor and tongue-and-mouth floor, flat-sided flooring which are straight rectangular, according to the preferences of consumers to free splicing , While the tongue-mouth floor in both horizontal and vertical direction

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