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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeNov 21st 2017

    The floor is not the thicker the better, nor the bigger the better! How to choose decoration, installation? Some people think laminate floor wear-resistant, easy to care, but the foot feel bad. Some people decorate outdoor composite paneling feel good sense of solid wood floor feet, good elasticity, but not wear-resistant, easy to deform. Some people think PVC floor price is low, easy to install, but not how the texture. So the question is ... Home decoration, how to choose the floor? Types of flooring The three most common types of flooring include laminate flooring, parquet, and solid wood flooring. There are other bamboo flooring, PVC flooring, cork flooring, wood flooring and other anti-corrosion.

    Laminate flooring market is the most common, but also the most popular audience of a class in the domestic development is now more mature. The biggest feature is the special wear-resistant, easy to install, moisture-proof, flame retardant, easy maintenance, affordable. Disadvantages are also obvious: texture is poor, feet feel stiff. Parquet cheap fence panels 2 foot high Parquet is common three-story solid wood flooring and multi-layer solid wood flooring. The biggest feature of solid wood is to solve the problem of poor stability of solid wood floor by changing the physical structure of the floor.

    Advantages are more obvious: natural wood texture, easy to install and maintain, anti-corrosion moisture, more wear-resistant than solid wood flooring, flexibility and insulation is no less than solid wood flooring. Solid wood flooring, also known as the log floor, is the most popular can you paint wood siding with ronseal woodland colours floor. Advantages are: natural color, texture comfortable. Because of the laying of the keel must be hit, so stepped on a sense of comfort, good elasticity.

    Disadvantages are also obvious: complex maintenance, it is necessary to prevent moisture and dry, very wear-resistant, easy to lose luster, easy to deformation, fear of acid, alkali and other chemical corrosion. Bamboo flooring is the bamboo into the same size of bamboo, then add adhesive, applied to the floor under high temperature and pressure. Advantages: fresh style, good decorative effect, the winter is not necessarily warm summer cool. Disadvantages are also obvious, Feel more rigid, cool, monotonous patterns, deformation concrete plastic composite decking warping, not suitable for temperature and humidity changes in larger areas.

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