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    • CommentTimeNov 21st 2017

    been cut off the tongue and groove or flat flat side of the floor, placed directly close to the foot line can be placed. Xiaobian Weapon: If the space did not retain the foot line, paving the edge of the floor must be reserved when the location of the foot line. Generally in the pavement, with the same thickness of small wooden blocks or small pieces of baseboards to be placed between the wall and the floor (wood

    thickness to be consistent with the foot line), so reserve the location of the foot line. 4, dealing with one-half corner of the way pavement, near the wall or in the irregular position of the floor need to cut. First, measure the length of the ground; take out the floor to tape length to measure the required length; fixed with a square, with a pencil along the edge of the ruler to draw a line; Part4: the floor plan has the coup

    post-processing is essential Do not think that the floor is finished, in fact, after the construction of the floor inspection and cleaning and maintenance is very important for you to explain in detail how to do a good job in the late floor of the pavement deal with. 1, check the details: hollowing up to check the floor pavement, more or less there will be some flaws, this time you need to pay attention to the details of

    2x4 and 2x6 composite sleeves

    geladak kolam renang merancang 24 kaki

    pagar taman kos rendah yang mudah

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