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    the inspection. Walk on the paved floor, step on with your feet, check each floor for a hollowing; observe the gap of the floor splicing is tight; there is no apparent difference between the two floors. If none of the above occurs, prove that the effect of the floor pavement is good. 2, cleaning and maintenance: the most important floor protection floor pavement, the need to the floor surface of construction materials,

    extra tools and dust and other clean-up, so as not to scratch the hard paving the paved floor. If space is required for other work, a layer of kraft paper needs to be applied to the floor surface to prevent any damage to the floor due to decoration. 3, routine maintenance: waxing process must have daily cleaning In addition to pay attention to commonly used vacuum cleaners or soft cloth wipe, but also on a regular

    basis waxing the floor, so that the floor will always keep bright and clean. The above content is to play house Xiaobian to introduce you to enhance the home improvement of the floor pavement Raiders, hope to strengthen your floor pavement help, if you want to know more about strengthening the floor paving knowledge, please continue to pay attention to every home decoration network .Natural wood

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