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    • CommentTimeNov 22nd 2017

    down on the mats in the same way, and so on. Note that the mat and the wall must be tight, can not set aside the excess gap between the two mats must also be close, try to avoid leaving a gap, so as not to affect the moisture-proof effect. Xiaobian Weapon: laying mats, we must pay attention to the laying direction, generally paved floor and the longest side of the same direction can be. 2, fixed and splicing

    Floor and floor splicing need to ensure seamless between the floor. First of all, take a floor, keep the angle of 30 ~ 45 degrees with the ground, the tongue close to the mortise and tenon of a floor; gently put down the floor after the close contact; claw hammer and small wooden blocks along the edge of the floor to make the floor splicing Tight; If the floor still tilts after striking, tap on the floor near the edge.

    Xiaobian Weapon: If the final step after the beat or tilt the floor, you must tear down the floor, re-follow the steps paved on. Do not blindly beat, resulting in broken floor. 3, the foot line processing The Xiaobian who paved the floor space because it has been installed stainless steel foot line, so laying may not have to reserve the location of the foot line. Laying the first line near the wall floor, the will have

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