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    measure, pencil and so on. Part2: Preparation before pavement processing Estimation can not be less Before the formal pavement, you must do a good job cleaning the ground, and secondly, to determine the way of paving, paving methods, dosage estimates are very important. 1, ground handling: the ground must be thoroughly cleaned Before paving the floor, the ground needs to be thoroughly cleaned until

    the ground without dust, debris can be paved. The paving the floor is directly on the original tile on the shop, so just clean the ground can be. Xiaobian Weapon: If it is in the concrete floor or floor tiles to erase the floor, you need to putty shovel, and thoroughly clean the ground, you can also sprinkle the ground when cleaning water to prevent the dust raised not easy to clean. 2, stitching methods: tongue and

    tongue and tongue together because Xiaobian are rookie decoration, so before paving the wood floor must learn how to splicing. Pavement is the use of floating paving method, the floor mortise and tenon linked to each other, and then hit the hammer can be fixed. This method is economical and environmentally friendly, and the operation is simple and quick, suitable for DIY. 3, paving way: choose one-half of

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