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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeNov 22nd 2017

    Wood floor spraying water after waxing waxing This novel method is actually very simple, the items needed to wash rice water, watering cans spray Taomi Shui, the old cotton clothing.

    Specifically: Wash with a rag dipped in water directly on the floor wipe, and then dry wipe. Of course, you can also first wash the rice water evenly on the floor, wait 5 minutes, so that the dirt on the floor "automatically" float to the top. Wash rice water to form a film on the floor. At this time, without force, gently with the old cotton clothing repeatedly wipe 4 to 5 times, carefully wipe the floor clean, and then placed for 15 minutes to dry the floor, and then to the wood floor waxing. So wipe, waxed floor is bright and clean, not slippery.

    It seems a bit splashed over the water and then wipe the floor tiles, but the efficiency of this approach is very high, the effect is unique. In order to facilitate cleaning, furniture should be moved to the corner. When the room is large, spray half of the floor before cleaning the other half. Food stains to spray more water, it is easy to wipe.Whether it is a new waxed or an old cracked floor waxed, it should first be cleaned, dried completely and then started.

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