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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeNov 23rd 2017

    It is hard to maintain the annual growth rate of infrastructure investment above 15% this year. As demand weakens and demand for replenishment will come to an end, China's economic growth is expected to ease again in 2Q12.tubo de acero inconsútil de la aleación del din 17458 de la alta calidad

    In addition, the market demand remains to be seen. Prior to 2016, the national seamless pipe to capacity goal is 45 million tons, this year raised to 50 million tons, but also in the end of April this year to remove all the strip steel. It was originally expected that demand for seamless pipes would have been the opposite of the expected market as de-capacity would lead to higher prices.201 2b laminado en frío de acero inoxidable

    Recent seamless tube inventories increased by 30% -40% year on year, which includes social stocks and seamless tube inventory, which is why the recent decline in seamless tube prices. The next step Although the country wants to go seamless tube capacity, but the price trend, or by the market. The next stage may be to see the progress of inspection and acceptance of steel, etc., then the seamless pipe may have a price rebound. But the rally will be affected by the overall demand, especially in the context of continued deleveraging of the country.stainless steel Ungalvanized Steel Wire Rope

    "There is room for further exploration, but it will also be supported in the context of reform and there will be some rebound, but the rebound is highly limited." Before China's seamless pipe industry itself had formed a huge material reserve on the supply side and Technical force, which laid the foundation for the seamless pipe industry to promote supply-side structural reform. From the demand side, today's market has entered a era of diversified consumer, consumer demand for high-quality products and services has become increasingly prominent. With China's industrial structure from the low-end to the high-end level, the demand for high-end steel will grow significantly. This will create favorable conditions for the seamless pipe industry to expand its effective high-end supply.stainless rod V wire wrap water well screen

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