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    • CommentTimeNov 23rd 2017

    tools have what effect. 1, the main material: laminate flooring flooring selection is 1215x140x12mm specifications of the laminate flooring. Light brown floor wood grain texture crisp and vivid, and easy to clean dark floor care, coupled with enhanced floor wear characteristics, is ideal for pavement in the activities of people often space. 2, pavement materials: moisture-proof floor mats The pavement laminate

    flooring is selected 2mm ordinary moisture-proof mats, because the floor space is not installed to warm the floor, the moisture-proof requirements are not high, so the choice of ordinary mats Can be. Xiaobian Weapon: a wide range of mats, there are generally ordinary mats, aluminum mats, plastic mats, mats special plastic, moisture-proof paper mats, etc., the most widely used home improvement for

    ordinary mats. The general use of a thickness of 2mm mats best, too thick, the floor maneuver more room for a long time easy arch. 3, paving tools: the usefulness of small tools Because the use of laminate flooring is suspended laying method, the floor mortise and tenon can be combined with each other. Therefore, the tools used include claw hammer, hand bow saw, small wooden blocks, square, tape

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