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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeNov 24th 2017

    Xiaobian today to bring you 10 white flooring pavement design case, allowing you to open your horizons. Below and Xiaobian take a look at these ten white flooring is how to pavement design it! White flooring with rattan, cotton fabric to make room for a cool feeling. The main tone of the room white, and then simply decorated with some furniture, even if the completion of a comfortable and comfortable

    bedroom, very comfortable little space. Even the cute style of children's room, because of the choice of white flooring to make this a princess room was significantly pink. White ivory white interior with European-style furniture, and then to pink simple decoration, the atmosphere of the princess room radiate, the little princess at home how do not like! Nordic style of home has always been simple to see, the

    room things do not heap too Full, the appropriate space to leave the interior will be more open. The white floor, on the other hand, makes the small space look bigger and expands the visual sense. If the wall paint color choice partial gloomy, interior color is not easy to install soft, then, a white wooden floor is definitely in line with all the good products. White wooden floor will ease the indistinct depression of this

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