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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeNov 24th 2017

    The minimalist style of decoration, the overall impression of a simple atmospheric atmosphere, simple and elegant color selection is also selected as color, with warm color tones. The space layout, color usage and material selection all highlight the simplicity and atmosphere of the whole , and the overall look will make people feel warm and comfortable. As the living room making a gate out of composite decking lighting is good, so in the villa decoration design program used a large number of gray wall panels, wall panels embedded in copper strips and furniture echo.

    of the silver foil design space, enhance the sense of art, simple and beautiful style furniture embellishment, into a comfortable and warm feeling for the whole space, but also with elegant luxury atmosphere. The restaurant is still decorated with gray wall panels pros and cons of cable wire railing and is well connected with the living room. Table and crystal chandelier metallic echoes, peacock blue sideboard, Western painting the background wall, have enriched the whole re staurant art.

    Smooth lines and exquisite material complement each other, and the whole main melody is lifted, and the dining vision is condensed, and the dining mood is promoted. The penetrating space environment also gives people a good sense of experience .Master bedroom is an important resting place to relieve the fatigue and tiredness of the day. Through the case of the Wood Plastic Composite in Rajasthan big villa bedroom decoration effect diagram can be seen, designers mainly use soft colors to let the owners relax tired.

    The overlapping lines of the ceiling arc give a sense of space, and the rich metal details create a relaxed, natural and lively atmosphere, with a comfortable and luxurious atmosphere throughout the rest. In this case, the decoration style of the basement decoration of the villa is quite different from that of the upstairs , and the underground is biased towards the Nordic wind. Ground handling oblique plays a role in extending the vision, make the space look more spacious, comfortable sofa and exagg erated fur carpet, with the atmosphere yet steady fan, and the concrete wall and the cultural stone concise good echoes, Tim art Lattice Fence Wholesale space increase. The whole space is not a young, soothing and elegant, perfect balance of vision.

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