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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeNov 24th 2017

    In yesterday's show, we saw the development of Wan Gang Pipe Plant is a twilight. The reason why they can grow and grow step by step is due to the unswerving spirit of the factory from top to bottom and from the dream of making first-class enterprises and the second set of "the same and tremendous changes in the Million Hong Kong Steel Tube Plant" Broadcast "hard work achievements change."Canales De Puntal De Acero En Forma De Ranura Ranurada Galvanizada

    Million Hong Kong Pipe Plant is Million Hong Kong Gas Pipeline supporting enterprises, as China was the first large-caliber steel pipe plant, are produced by a high standard of oil and gas pipelines. In mid-90s, with the launch of a large number of domestic steel pipe plant, the competition is more and more fierce, steel pipe factory decided to seize this opportunity.lamina de acero inoxidable de precisión laminada en frío

    Traders in the traditional steel trade, steel companies have lamented the steel is not easy to sell when the auto-collected, steel electricity supplier is dominate. The latest understanding from the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing shows that the recent monitoring efforts have raised the number of Chinese steel-based electronic trading platforms to 178 and accounted for 27.6% of the total bulk electricity supplier platforms in China, showing a "blowout" trend. In the same year, the trading volume of third-party steel e-commerce platforms in China (self-operated + brokered) exceeded 60 million tons, and the proportion of online sales of Chinese steel products approached 10%.astm a269 316l stainless steel pipe factory

    "Do not underestimate this 10%." Recently, the steel pipe, China's steel industry through online transactions, although only less than 10% of the entire industrial chain trading volume, but has been involved in hundreds of billions of huge output value. The recent demand pull, the entire steel industry chain, there are nearly 90% of the enormous volume formed by the Red Sea market. Huge volume means that the potential users of the dispute, the service dispute, how to quickly get rid of the old steel enterprises in our province to expand the thinking, to do with the internet to do enough steel electricity supplier has become the only way for development.Round shape durable food stainless food tray

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