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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeNov 24th 2017

    Siding by the national authority of the detection of sound insulation up to 29 dB, equivalent to most of the real wall noise, for example, the bathroom under the bedroom water acoustic sound composite deck board dimensions can be well. Wall panels perfect diffuse reflection of the sound, effectively buffer the impact of bass, as well as the material itself on the poor sound absorption of sharp waves, resulting in a perfect three-stage noise reduction function, a substantial increase in life, one-third of the time Sleep quality.

    Dongnuanxialiangbanban board timber is a poor conductor, the use of wainscoting room will be warm in winter laminate flooring inspector and cool in summer, but also because the wood itself can play a regulatory role in the room air humidity, so in Europe with hundreds of years of history of the castle And the palace, wainscoting everywhere, is a must-have for high-end decoration.

    Inspected by the national authoritative department of thermal insulation efficiency than the existing national standards, the installation room and common boat fiberglass and vinyl floor walls for sale room installation of indoor temperature difference of 7 degrees; and paint is a difference of 10 degrees, to achieve significant energy savings. Healthy and environmentally friendly natural wood materials, installed tasteless. If the overall decoration of the room there is no Lattice Fence Wholesale paint this process to solve the decoration material time and paint a long time volatile problem.

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